Project Related Questions:

Here are a few of the questions we frequently here from the community as they relate to the goals, visions, ideas, and impacts of this project. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to ask on our Contact page.

What does the City envision for the future focus of the “Gateway District”?

  • Currently – the Gateway District is the largest stretch of SR-99 in Edmonds, lacks a strong or cohesive identity/character – 
  • The Subarea Plan outlines recommendations for short-term and long-term improvements as well as build-out scenarios to bring more housing to the Gateway District – 

Will the future Gateway District be focused on mixed-use, 3 story apartments and/or retail development? 

  • The Subarea Plan outlines a number of short-term and long-term traffic calming and safety recommendations as well (ie: raised medians, complete streets, 4’ landscape buffer in ROW) – 

What is the ideal (goal) for the total road width(s) and how much space does the City want to reserve for pedestrian improvements? 

  • Follow link for additional ideas and concepts:


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Bringing the charm and character of Downtown Edmonds to SR-99 corridor

  • Creating a visual connection by taking elements from the waterfront and bringing them to the corridor (ie: bronze sculpture, embedded walkway treatments, public art and thematic gateways that evoke the closeness of the waterfront “just over the hill”), this could include additional pedestrian scale lighting solutions

Creating a cohesive Gateway package to unite the corridor

  • A prominent (car scale) gateway at each end of the corridor that signals entry into Edmonds (aligning visually with the thematic character of Downtown Edmonds and bringing forward the waterfront theme), this could include interim (pedestrian scale) gateway symbols for each district 

Creating a cohesive Wayfinding package

  • Helping pedestrians and bicyclists explore Edmonds through simple wayfinding signs at major intersections (similar to Seattle’s) that tell people which amenities are in each direction and how far (ie: Interurban trail .15 mi E)