The objective of this project is to extend the successful transformation of Highway 99 in Shoreline through Edmonds, between S 244th Street and S 212th Street. The scope of the project will include wider replacement sidewalks, new street lighting, raised center medians for access management, attractive and safe crosswalks, better stormwater management, targeted utility replacements, potential undergrounding of overhead utilities, landscaping, softscape treatments and other street scape improvements to speak to the unique character of Edmonds.

This project phase will further develop Highway 99 corridor planning elements, consistent with the Highway 99 Subarea Plan. The objectives are to identify improvements, estimate project costs, and to determine the environmental documentation and right-of-way requirements. These plan elements will establish a prioritized list of improvements and an implementation strategy to construct them in a cost-effective sequence that will minimize impacts to businesses and the public. The plan elements will be used as the framework for completing the final design, environmental documentation, and right of way acquisition phases of the Highway 99 project.

This website serves as a project portal to help keep you informed and engaged throughout the planning process. This project is funded by a Connecting Washington grant.